Unusually I had to make a trip into Bath on a Saturday and thought it rather busy. What with Bath Rugby playing at home this afternoon with the resultant supporters roaming around the city, we got caught up watching a promenade of people wearing various costumes. It was the opening day of the Jane Austen Festival where a world record attempt was taking place – an attempt to gather the highest number of people wearing regency costume in one place at one time. After the attempt there was a promenade of all those taking part through the streets of Bath from the Assembly Rooms to the Parade Gardens. Only time will tell if the world record was achieved but judging by tbe numbers taking part in the promenade, the chances are quite good.



Bright red cotoneaster ready to attract all the birds for Autumn feeding. The sight of these bright little berries always brings a smile to my face.

Paper and Pencils

imageApologies for the brief hiatus in photos this week but I was back in school preparing for term which began on Friday. It’s always so busy and I just didn’t have time to think about photos this week. Hopefully normal(ish) service will be resumed although there still may be days when the time will get away from me.

This photo was taken yesterday while at the cricket – someone was doing some drawing and this arrangement of pencils caught my eye.


Willow Herb


The bees were loving these willow herbs and I tried to photograph one, however, the flowers were so delicate or the bees so heavy that when they landed, the flowers bent over so much it was impossible to see either bee or flower properly……!