A Photo a Week Challenge: White

Firstly I must apologise for my absence recently – unfortunately life, or rather work, just got in the way and I found myself lacking in time, energy and inspiration to think about taking or posting any photos regularly. And I so very nearly managed to complete my 365 photo challenge – in the end I was about a month short. So now, having taken a rather longer (and certainly not intended) break than anticipated I’m hoping to get back and post some photos more regularly once again. I don’t think it will be on the daily basis as I had been doing previously but it will be on more of an ad hoc basis when the mood, or a challenge takes my fancy.

I thought I’d start with Nancy Merrill’s “A Photo a Week Challenge” which¬†as you can tell from the title is “white”. I’ve picked a few of my favourite white flower photos that I’ve taken over the last year for your pleasure and I hope you enjoy!





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Happy Anniversary!


25 years ago today my hubby and I got married so it’s our silver wedding anniversary. I just have no idea where the last 25 years have gone! We shall be celebrating with family and friends in a few weeks time, during half term, but in the meantime here’s a collage of the cards and flowers we received.

Click the photo for a slightly clearer view!

Abstract Seeds


Not sure what kind of seeds these are but I love the abstract nature of them.

Last Rose


The final few roses are now blooming and I took the opportunity to capture a last photo or two before they finish for another year.

Nut Harvest


The last few cob nuts are still hanging on to the hazel trees and soon the nut harvest will be finished for another year. It’s been a bumper year for nuts and the dog has had his fill every day!

First Autumn Colours


The first leaves are beginning to change colour and autumn is truly on its way.  This is a Virginia Creeper and the leaves change to the most amazing shades of red and orange.

Crab Apple


The ornamental crab tree is covered in fruits and although they look very tempting, this fruit is not for eating.