30 Days of Composition – Weekly Round-Up 27th August 2016

Here are the photos I posted this week as part of Emma Davies’ 30 Days of Composition photo challenge. For more information please visit Emma’s website.

Day 21 – Framed for a Square Format

Day 22 – Single Focal Point

Day 23 – Tiny Subject

Day 24 – Complementary Colour

Day 25 – Mono (Any colour, not just B&W)

Day 26 – Abstract

Day 27 – Repetition

For further details on any of the individual photos please check out my Instagram feed.

August Break 2016 – Weekly Round-Up 27th August 2016

Here are this week’s photos from my August Break challenge hosted by Susannah Conway.

Day 21 – Today is….

Day 22 – Squares

Day 23 – My Face….

Day 24 – Three

Day 25 – Peaceful

Day 26 – Oranges

Day 27 – Little

For more information on the challenge visit Susannah’s website or for more details on the individual photos then please check out my Instagram feed.

30 Days of Composition – Weekly Round-Up 20th August 2016

Here are the photos I posted this week for the 30Days of Composition photo challenge.
Day 14 – Form or Shape

Day 15 – Texture

Day 16 – What’s Leaving the Frame….

Day 17 – Create Depth

Day 18 – Show Movement

Day 19 – Perfectly Aligned

Day 20 – Deliberately Discordant

For further details on any of the photos posted here please visit my Instagram feed. For details on the 30 Days of Composition challenge please take a look at Emma Davies’ website.

August Break – Weekly Round-Up 20th August 2016

Here are the photos I posted during this week’s photo challenge for Susannah Conway’s August Break.

Day 14 – Love is…..

Day 15 – Unicorn

Day 16 – Breathe 

Day 17 – Bedroom Window 

Day 18 – 5 Years Ago 

Day 19 – My Hands

Day 20 – Clouds 

To see more details about these photos hop on over to my Instagram feed. For more information about August Break take a look at Susannah Conway’s website.

Weekly Round-Up 3 – 14th August 2016

Here are the photos I published this week on my Instagram feed as part of Emma Davies’ 30 Days of Composition photo challenge.

Day 7 – Symmetry

Day 8 – Fill the Frame…..

Day 9 – 3s or 5s

Day 10 – Balance

Day 11 – Pattern

Day 12 – No Foreground

Day 13 – Circles

To view the photos in their original context please visit my Instagram feed.

Weekly Round-Up 1 – 14th August 2016

Here are the photos posted this week as part of Susannah Conway‘s August Break challenge. Details can be found on her website or you can follow on Instagram by searching for #augustbreak2016.

Day 7 – Beneath my feet….

Day 8 – Favourite taste

Day 9 – Red

Day 10 – Yellow

Day 11 – Green

Day 12 -A Secret

Day 13 – 6 o’clock

To see them in their original context please visit my Instagram feed.

Weekly Round-Up 2: 6th August 2016

Having chosen to take part in a couple of photo challenges this month, I’ve been quite busy snapping away. The second challenge this month is one proposed by Susannah Conway called The August Break, where for each day in August the idea is take a photo on the prompt supplied. The results can then be posted on a blog, on Instagram or on the group Facebook page. 

This challenge is not technical like the Emma Davies one but more fun – I’m very intrigued to see what the group make of the “unicorn” prompt later in the month!

Further details can be found on Susannah’s website: Susannah Conway or her Instagram feed: Susannah’s Instagram or by searching for “The August Break, 2016” on Facebook.

Day 1 – Morning Light

Day 2 – Leaf

Day 3 – Handwriting

Day 4 – Sweetness

Day 5 – Midday

Day 6 – I’m Reading……

The more observant amongst you will count 7 photos with the extra one being from before the challenge began on the 1st August. It’s not too late to join in so, if it’s of interest, why not look up one of the ways of connecting and giving it a go. Future prompts include squares, little, three, peaceful and, as already mentioned, unicorn! 

Weekly Round-Up 1 August 6th 2016

I started two different photo challenges this month on Instagram/Facebook – the first is Emma Davies’ 30 Days of Composition which I came across by following her ‘A Year with my Camera’ page on Facebook and via her website.

The idea is that each week of the year you get an email regarding some aspect of learning to use your camera and then spend the week practising and posting the results in the facebook group page. Unfortunately I only discovered her website part way through the year and so missed the early emails and I also haven’t been able to quite keep up. 

However I thought I’d join in with this particular challenge in the hope of improving my technical skills by looking at all the different ways of composing a photo. I have to admit to being very “stuck in my ways” regarding what I takes photos of and how, and so this little challenge should make me consider some new and different perspectives. 

If you’re interested in her course, details can be found on her website: Emma Davies Photography, her Instagram feed: Emma Davies – Instagram or search for “A Year with my Camera” on Facebook.

Day 1 – Viewpoint

Day 2 – Framed

Day 3 – Negative Space

Day 4 – Diagonals

Day 5 – Rule of Thirds

Day 6 – Leading Lines

The topics continue with symmetry, fill the frame, 3s or 5s, balance, pattern and no foreground. Why not join in and give it a go? 

What happened to good intentions?

Well, all the good intentions of my last post, in fact my New Year’s post, have sadly come to naught and I still haven’t managed to post any photos. That’s such a sad state of affairs but, again, life seems to have taken over and the year has flown by. How come it’s August on Monday – how on earth did that happen?

Despite not having posted any photos, other than a lean spell early on, I have continued to take photos although my modus operandi has changed somewhat this year. Firstly I discovered that the new phone I got towards the end of last year, takes pretty good pictures and so I have used that much more as it’s always to hand. Secondly, a little photo project I joined for a week of daily photos, used Instagram for sharing our pictures and a new “home” for my photos was established. 

I had resisted joining Instagram for a long time but once I did, I wondered why I hadn’t done so much earlier. Like many phone apps it has its pros and cons and I certainly objected to the recent upgrade that brought about a Facebook style algorithm that determines what it thinks you want to see most. I have no idea why it couldn’t have just kept the posts in chronological order so you could work your way through everything you’d subscribed to but apparently Instagram knows best……Personally I’d prefer to have the option but like a lot of things in life, it doesn’t happen that way. Despite that, however, I have grown to enjoy using Instagram.

After my initial project I was inspired to keep up my (almost) daily photo taking and since it’s so easy to post straight to Instagram from my phone, that has become my new favourite place to post my photos. Every so often I’d think about posting here but again, laziness took over. Now however I intend to rectify that by doing a weekly round-up of my instagram photos although if you prefer, you can follow me directly on Instagram: Scene by Minerva Maybe I’ll see some of you over there! In the meantime please enjoy the photos from the last seven days.

Happy New Year 2016

Dear blogging friends, it’s been far too long!

For all sorts of reason this year has turned out to be much more of a challenge than I expected, with the unfortunate consequence that my photography and therefore my blog have┬áhad to take a bit (well a lot, actually!) of a back seat. It’s fair to say that although I have continued following many blogs and have enjoyed the posts and photos you have published, I have not found the time or inclination to comment on many of them. I do however continue to appreciate them greatly. There have often been times when I have found that a difficult day has been lifted by a pertinent post, a few well chosen words or a lovely photo and I thank you all for that.

Thank you also to those followers who have “hung on in there” and continued to support my blog, particularly those who have taken the time to like or comment on the few posts that I have managed this year. I very much value your time and thoughts. I am hoping that I will be able to rekindle my mojo in the coming year and find the time to post more regularly again – I have missed the small community of regular visitors to my blog and your interactions.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy New Year and hope that it brings you health, peace, happiness and good blogging! I leave you with some photos that were taken during a visit to Cornwall during the latter part of October that were all prepared to go but just never published (apologies to my Facebook followers who will have already seen these in a different format….). I look forward to catching up with you in the coming year.