Seed Husk


These unusual seed husks caught my eye today. They were so bright against the brown stem and fallen tree leaves that I couldn’t help but notice.

Please click on the photo to view large.


8 thoughts on “Seed Husk

    • They seemed to be growing from a small, long leaved, ground loving plant. The leaves were similar to an iris in shape but not texture. Isn’t a magnolia always a tree?

      • Magnolia counts small trees or shrubs. You can google ‘Magnolia seed pods’ to confirm
        , although there are many different kinds of magnolia…

        Do you have the plant photo when it had flowers?

      • That’s the one!

        I’m afraid I don’t know what colour it is. I was searching round a tree for something interesting to photograph yesterday when I saw these seed pods – I’ll have to take a look next year when it flowers!

        Thanks for taking the trouble to find out what they are as they are quite intriguing and very photogenic!

      • Yes, they are! Iris family are very beautiful when they flower just too bad they do not flower long! I am glad I can find out what it was. Have a nice day! — Jane

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