Floral Friday Fotos 131 – Pink Weeds?

wpid-pinkweedsm_1_wm.jpgI’m not sure what these particular flowers are but in this country they tend to grow on walls or on the edge of roads and are considered to be weeds. They range in colour from this rather lovely deep pink right through to very pale pink, and personally, I think they are rather attractive. How does the saying go? – a weed is just a plant in the wrong place…..

Please click on the photo to view large.

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4 thoughts on “Floral Friday Fotos 131 – Pink Weeds?

    • I’ve checked your suggestion out and I believe you’re right! My M-in-L is growing it in her garden by choice so maybe it’s not a weed at all! It just seems to grow prolifically on “waste” areas where I live…..

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