Another flower this week to add to the collection! One of the buildings on my walk from the car park to my office has a long wall which is covered in this passionflower. It is just about to burst into full flower but this is an early one taking the initiative!

Please click on the photo to view large.


2 thoughts on “Passiflora

  1. Thanks for following me! I thought I would come and have a look at your blog and find you are also passionate about flowers (so you may like to have a look at my flower blog too These passion flowers look so exotic it is always a pleasant surprise to see them flowering here in England. BTW where is your header photo from? It looks like a beach on a Scottish Island.
    Jude xx

    • Thanks for your comments. I do love flower photography, especially close-up and personal! The beach is on Herm in the Channel Islands – taken in April about 3 years ago. It is a very beautiful place. The Scottish Islands are on my wish list to visit.

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