Floral Friday Fotos 138 – Lemon Balm


Another photo from my herb garden, this time of a lemon balm flower. The bush has very delicate pale creamy yellow flowers and a delicate lemon scent. You can use the leaves as a tisane but I just enjoy the delightful smell as I walk past.

Please click on the photo to view large.

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3 thoughts on “Floral Friday Fotos 138 – Lemon Balm

  1. Know what? I have yet to see my lemon Balm flowers: We have this plant all over the garden and I have to prevent it from seeding or we won’t have room for anything else 🙂
    Love the leaves though, so I give it permission to stay.
    Your photo of Prunella Vulgaris [ Self Heal] on your Flicr site is so interesting. I never looked at those little flowers properly.

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