Almost an uninterrupted view….


As is typical in Naples, the Italians put up a building wherever there is a space. This is the view from our apartment window looking out across Naples city towards the Bay of Naples with Vesuvius being just out of view round the corner. We arrived today to begin a week’s holiday and are looking forward to seeing all the usual sights including Vesuvius itself, as well as Pompeii and Herculaneum.


3 thoughts on “Almost an uninterrupted view….

  1. Pompeii worth a visit but I preferred Herculaneum – have mixed feelings about the old part of Naples. Amazing capture showing how crowded everything is

  2. I hope you will get the chance to go to the Amalfi Coast simply breathtaking! We stayed in Positano for about a week at the end of a six week holiday. And if you have the time Ravello up in the hills is lovely with a visit to Villa Cimbone. I highly recommend but it depends on your itinerary. Would love to hear more on what you are doing in that beautiful part of Italy. I hope red wine is a factor on a daily basis! 🙂

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