Galleria Umberto I


Today we wandered round various parts of Naples much of which was either a building site or covered in copious amounts of scaffolding was. Galleria Umberto I was no exception and had teams of workmen whichever way you looked. However the roof and architecture of this once grand and important shopping arcade are fabulous although it now feels a little sad and neglected.


3 thoughts on “Galleria Umberto I

  1. It had lots of workmen in it because part of a ledge fell off and killed a 14yo boy :(( You are right that the infrastructure in Naples is neglected – there has been years of under-investment.

    • That would explain it 😦 It’s a shame as it seems the Italians don’t appreciate their greatest treasures as they do in other countries. There is so much graffiti, rubbish and general scruffiness that just wouldn’t be tolerated elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong – I love the country but it saddens me to see so much acceptance of this as normal. Maybe the country just don’t have the money, desire or expertise to deal with these things.

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