What happened to good intentions?

Well, all the good intentions of my last post, in fact my New Year’s post, have sadly come to naught and I still haven’t managed to post any photos. That’s such a sad state of affairs but, again, life seems to have taken over and the year has flown by. How come it’s August on Monday – how on earth did that happen?

Despite not having posted any photos, other than a lean spell early on, I have continued to take photos although my modus operandi has changed somewhat this year. Firstly I discovered that the new phone I got towards the end of last year, takes pretty good pictures and so I have used that much more as it’s always to hand. Secondly, a little photo project I joined for a week of daily photos, used Instagram for sharing our pictures and a new “home” for my photos was established. 

I had resisted joining Instagram for a long time but once I did, I wondered why I hadn’t done so much earlier. Like many phone apps it has its pros and cons and I certainly objected to the recent upgrade that brought about a Facebook style algorithm that determines what it thinks you want to see most. I have no idea why it couldn’t have just kept the posts in chronological order so you could work your way through everything you’d subscribed to but apparently Instagram knows best……Personally I’d prefer to have the option but like a lot of things in life, it doesn’t happen that way. Despite that, however, I have grown to enjoy using Instagram.

After my initial project I was inspired to keep up my (almost) daily photo taking and since it’s so easy to post straight to Instagram from my phone, that has become my new favourite place to post my photos. Every so often I’d think about posting here but again, laziness took over. Now however I intend to rectify that by doing a weekly round-up of my instagram photos although if you prefer, you can follow me directly on Instagram: Scene by Minerva Maybe I’ll see some of you over there! In the meantime please enjoy the photos from the last seven days.


2 thoughts on “What happened to good intentions?

    • I thought I was, but now that I’m used to it it’s grown on me. It’s certainly not perfect but for me at the moment, it suits my needs. Have to say though that WordPress seems much quicker and easier to post to from my phone than when I last tried so who knows, maybe a triumphant return is on the cards for the future……😃

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