Weekly Round-Up 1 August 6th 2016

I started two different photo challenges this month on Instagram/Facebook – the first is Emma Davies’ 30 Days of Composition which I came across by following her ‘A Year with my Camera’ page on Facebook and via her website.

The idea is that each week of the year you get an email regarding some aspect of learning to use your camera and then spend the week practising and posting the results in the facebook group page. Unfortunately I only discovered her website part way through the year and so missed the early emails and I also haven’t been able to quite keep up. 

However I thought I’d join in with this particular challenge in the hope of improving my technical skills by looking at all the different ways of composing a photo. I have to admit to being very “stuck in my ways” regarding what I takes photos of and how, and so this little challenge should make me consider some new and different perspectives. 

If you’re interested in her course, details can be found on her website: Emma Davies Photography, her Instagram feed: Emma Davies – Instagram or search for “A Year with my Camera” on Facebook.

Day 1 – Viewpoint

Day 2 – Framed

Day 3 – Negative Space

Day 4 – Diagonals

Day 5 – Rule of Thirds

Day 6 – Leading Lines

The topics continue with symmetry, fill the frame, 3s or 5s, balance, pattern and no foreground. Why not join in and give it a go? 


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