Weekly Round-Up 2: 6th August 2016

Having chosen to take part in a couple of photo challenges this month, I’ve been quite busy snapping away. The second challenge this month is one proposed by Susannah Conway called The August Break, where for each day in August the idea is take a photo on the prompt supplied. The results can then be posted on a blog, on Instagram or on the group Facebook page. 

This challenge is not technical like the Emma Davies one but more fun – I’m very intrigued to see what the group make of the “unicorn” prompt later in the month!

Further details can be found on Susannah’s website: Susannah Conway or her Instagram feed: Susannah’s Instagram or by searching for “The August Break, 2016” on Facebook.

Day 1 – Morning Light

Day 2 – Leaf

Day 3 – Handwriting

Day 4 – Sweetness

Day 5 – Midday

Day 6 – I’m Reading……

The more observant amongst you will count 7 photos with the extra one being from before the challenge began on the 1st August. It’s not too late to join in so, if it’s of interest, why not look up one of the ways of connecting and giving it a go. Future prompts include squares, little, three, peaceful and, as already mentioned, unicorn! 


2 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up 2: 6th August 2016

  1. Alsion, is your Morning Light photo from a bakery that I can get to when I visit Bath in December! Those treats look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!! And thank you again for all the recommendations you sent me for my upcoming trip. Working on updating my index cards to have when I hook up with my friends from Florida. I tend to be the planner of the group. I come up with options for them, and we prioritize what we want to do!!! Thanks again!

    • Hi Linda, the photo of the pastries is the one I recommended in my email – Patisserie Valerie. If you have a look at my other blog (there’s a link on this blog somewhere) I started an A to Z of Bath which has some of things that you may not notice about Bath. Sadly I didn’t get very far before life got in the way and I didn’t complete the series but I still may do! As I said please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you want any more info at any time. Alison x

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