Ever since I started this photography blog I’ve been in two minds about Awards. Part of me feels that they shouldn’t be necessary as hopefully people visit my blog because they enjoy the photos I produce. However they are also part of the blogging world and the person bestowing the Award has decided that they like your stuff enough to give you a special mention and some free advertising to all their own blog followers. If you pass the award on it lets other bloggers know that you in turn like their sites and feel they are worthy of special mention.

I am very touched and grateful that other bloggers like my posts enough to give them a special mention but I don’t feel that I really wish to pass the awards on. I will however acknowledge and thank the people who have nominated me for awards on this page. I hope that you will understand my feelings on this.


The first award I want to acknowledge is the Liebster Award given to me by Mel Lewis who writes the FranceSays blog. Mel writes about life in France as a Canadian expat. She gives a humorous “warts and all” approach which I thoroughly enjoy.

I was also nominated for this award by Angela of the Pretty Little Things in a Box blog. She lives in Singapore and loves crafts of various kinds – crochet, knitting and most recently some freehand embroidery. I always enjoy reading her posts.





The second award that has recently been bestowed upon me is the “Being a light in the World” Award – thanks go to Belbror who nominated me for this particular award. Why not go and check out some interesting stories that Belsbror publishes on his blog.




Thank you to all who take the time to view and comment on my photos – your continued visits are what makes my day!


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